Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal – Chunx 20LB



Jealous Devil’s flagship charcoal in a new medium-sized lump. Ideal for smaller grills and backyard BBQs. Crafted from one of the densest hardwoods on the planet and specially carbonized to remove impurities. The result? Hotter, longer, and cleaner burns with incredible flavor without sparks, pops, bitter smoke or excessive ash.

Lighting Instructions:

Jealous Devil recommends lighting a few starter cubes/bales (hey, junk mail works too!) under a charcoal chimney, or using an active torch such as a looflighter or MAP torch. Depending on lighting conditions, your charcoal should come to temperature and be ready for cooking within 10-20 minutes. We do not condone the use of lighter fluid. It’s cheating. And also gross.
  • Award-winning flavor preferred by champion pitmasters, pro chefs, and competitors
  • Huge, industry-leading lump sizes for maximum performance
  • No sparks, pops, flare-ups, excessive ash, or heavy smoke

Additional information

Weight 21.5 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 26 × 6.25 in

15 piece, 30 piece


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