The original Looftlighter is the most quick, safe and environmentally friendly method of lighting your grill or fireplace. Simply clean and hot air that reaches temperatures of 1100°F (600°C) within seconds – NO gas, NO flame and NO need for lighter fluids.

The Looftlighter produces the perfect glow within no time – whether it be charcoal, briquettes or logs. Simply put: The Perfect Match.


The Looftlighter is the fastest way to start your charcoal grill, fireplace or pizza oven. You’re fired up within 60 seconds!


No flame, no gas, no chemicals – get in charge of the fire with nothing more than super heated air. The safety casing cools quickly within seconds after use.


No more CO2 emissions, no more hazardous chemicals – the Looftlighter puts an end to the era of lighter fluids.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 21.5 × 3.75 × 4.5 in


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