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The solution to the high heating costs that you face, and the serious environmental quality concerns facing the world today. Automated and clean burning, pellet stoves are a world away from all of the old wood burning stoves that you used to fill houses across the country.

Available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and finishes, you are sure to find one to meet your heating needs. They are the cleanest and most convenient way for you to heat your home in the winter. They are installed with automatic ignition systems and thermostats with give you a simple start up, and easily controlled heat output. This will give you a consistent heat output, even if the stove is left unattended.

A well installed and maintained pellet style stove will produce little or no visible exhaust after it has reached its’ operating temperature. Internal fans feed the flame with oxygen, as well as blowing any waste fumes up and out of the chimney. Air is force fed directly into the combustion chamber, fully consuming the wood pellets, and converting them into smoke-free heat. Exchanger tubes remove the heat from the exhaust, ensuring efficient heating of the surrounding area. They come equipped with automated fuel delivery systems that continually feed the wood pellets into the firepot and combustion area. They are tested as a solid fuel heater by the ASTM and held to ASTM standard E 1509. The thorough and strict safety testing that pellet stoves undergo, insure that they are safe enough for use by your family.

Information from http://www.pelletstovesplace.com/

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